Orthopaedic Trauma Institute (Trauma & Problem Fractures)

Welcome to the Orthopaedic Trauma Institute (OTI)

If you suffer a life- or limb-threatening injury in the Bay Area, our team of University of California, San Francisco Orthopedic Department surgeons, specially trained to mend fractures all over the body from the simple to complex. Having so much at stake –with possible out-comes ranging from lifelong disability to full recovery– you’ll receive well-orchestrated care led by internationally-recognized “surgeons’ surgeons” through the OTI. The specialists at the the OTI are experts in orthopaedic injuries, honing their skills daily in the busiest trauma centers in the Bay Area, as well as other areas in musculoskeletal care, including joint reconstruction, spine, hand, foot and ankle, and sports injuries.

Founded in 2009 through the Zuckerberg San Francisco General Hospital (ZSFG), the OTI contributes to orthopaedic advancements through National Institutes of Health funded research, prestigious educational and training programs, and renowned international outreach. As our reputation has grown, other hospitals and healthcare networks have sought out our expertise. We currently offer orthopaedic trauma surgery services throughout the Bay Area in San Francisco (UCSF and ZSFG), Berkeley, Marin, and San Jose (Regional Medical Center of San Jose).

Our Mission:

To mend the injured, inspire innovators, and empower leaders to restore lives.



Appointments & Locations

The Orthopaedic Trauma Institute (OTI) currently offers services in San Francisco (UCSF and Zuckerberg San Francisco General), Berkeley, Marin and San Jose (Regional Medical Center of San Jose).
2540 23rd Street, 
Bldg 7, 3rd Floor, Rm 3110 
San Francisco, CA 94110
Front Desk:  415-476-2124
Fax:  415-514-7748

Appointments:  628-206-8265
O&P Appointments:  628-206-4387
San Jose Appointments:  408-347-4046

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