Surgical Training Facility (STF)

Mykel Jensen-Vallar, Manager
Surgical Training Facility;
Program Director, OTI Junior Academy
2540 23rd Street, 
Bldg 7, 1st Floor, Rm 1800 
San Francisco, CA 94110

*** The Surgical Training Facility has now moved into our new facility at the UCSF Pride Hall. I am happy to schedule a tour when you have time!.***

Surgical Training Facility (STF)

The Surgical Training Facility (STF) at the San Francisco General Hospital is dedicated to the development and presentation of innovative medical, health, and science workshops.

Our facility is among a select few academic centers in the United States designed exclusively for surgeons to practice and perform today's newest and most advanced surgical procedures.

Our laboratory works with leading researchers, engineers, and physicians, often in partnership with medical device and prosthesis manufacturers, to provide hands-on training in the latest surgical procedures and technologies.

The STF offers top-of-the-line technology with the most comprehensive advanced imaging of any academic surgical training facility in the United States.

Our facility is available for training, meetings, and educational courses, and is suitable for a variety of audiences. Courses can be linked to external locations, offering state-of-the-art learning opportunities.

• 8- Full-Size Stations
• 8 Stryker Surgical Lights
• 2 Stryker In light Camera
• 4 Philips Mobile C-ARM
• 6 Stryker High Definition Arthroscopy Towers (This will change)
• Basic Orthopaedic Dissection Sets
• Stryker System 7 Power
• Stryker System 6 Power
• Stryker System 4 Power
• Suction
• Peg Boards
• Specimen Positioners

• 1 Conference Room 90-person occupancy 
• 2 Executive Boardroom
• Fully Integrated Audio/Visual Technology
• 8 LCD Screens
• Picture-in-Picture Capability
• Wireless Mics
• Annotator
• Document Camera
• Projector
• Portable Video

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