Masato Nagao, MD, PhD

Masato Nagao, MD, PhD

Orthopaedic Institute - Trauma & Problem Fractures
Orthopaedic Trauma Institute at Zuckerberg San Francisco General - Trauma & Problem Fractures
Regional Medical Center of San Jose - Trauma & Problem Fractures


Albany Medical Center 06/2005
Sinai Hospital of Baltimore 06/2001
Johns Hopkins Univerity 06/1998
Sapporo Medical University 03/1989
PhD Sapporo Medical University Graduate School 03/1986
MD Sapporo Medical University 03/1982

About Masato Nagao, MD, PhD

Masato Nagao, MD, PhD is a physiatrist, or physical medicine and rehabilitation specialist, who treats patients with nerve, muscle, bone and joint injuries and who helps patients restore functional ability. His expertise includes trauma and musculoskeletal rehabilitation, disorders of the peripheral nervous system, nerve conduction studies and electromyography, and pain management. Dr. Nagao earned a medical degree and completed an orthopedic surgery residency at Sapporo Medical University in Japan, and was appointed chief of hip and arthritis surgery there. He completed a research fellowship in biomechanics at the Johns Hopkins University in Baltimore, and an arthroplasty fellowship at the Center for Joint Preservation and Replacement at Sinai Hospital in Baltimore. Dr. Nagao became a physiatrist after completing a physical medicine and rehabilitation residency at Albany Medical Center in New York. He has pursued his work to the highest levels, and now has three separate board certifications: the American Board of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation, American Board of Electrodiagnostic Medicine, and American Board of Pain Medicine. Dr. Nagao is an outstanding teacher, and enhances the Department’s overall teaching capacity. He works most closely with the medical students and residents who rotate through the rehabilitation service, and expertly teaches them how to develop clinical plans for even the most complex clinical problems. He uses his teaching skills to not only educate UCSF students and residents, but also to teach physicians and residents throughout the world. He has been in high demand as an invited speaker nationally and internationally. As a testament to his expertise, he serves as a member of the several professional committees. Dr. Nagao is the co-director of the Orthopaedic Trauma Observership Program at the UCSF/ZSFG Orthopaedic Trauma Institute (OTI), which works in conjunction with the Department’s main outreach program, the Institute for Global Orthopaedics and Trauamatology (IGOT). In his role, Dr. Nagao helps serve the Department’s educational mission, and is dedicated to improving the global quality of care and exchange of ideas.

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