3rd Annual Mexico IGOT SMART Course


Institute for Global Orthopaedics and Traumatology (IGOT) held the 3rd Annual Mexico SMART Course on January 17-19, 2024 in collaboration with the Mexican National Orthopaedic Society (Federación Mexicana de Colegios de Ortopedia y Traumatología; FEMECOT).

Twenty-five participants from Mexico and Guatemala attended the course on soft-tissue reconstruction.  

Participating UCSF Faculty included Theodore Miclau, MD; Nicolas Lee, MD; Michael Terry, MD; John Rose, MD and IGOT Director Madeline Mackechnie, PhD, MA
About Institute for Global Orthopaedics and Traumatology (IGOT):
Founded in 2006 by the UCSF Department of Orthopaedic Surgery faculty and residents, IGOT has continued its commitment of addressing global disparities in orthopaedic trauma care. 
IGOT is recognized as one of the leading academic and global outreach initiatives in the field of orthopaedic trauma. IGOT’s goal is to improve patient care in under-resourced environments through sustainable programs with regional academic partners.
IGOT empowers through education, engaging a sustainable academic-to-academic partnership model with low and middle-income countries.

About SMART:
The IGOT SMART Course model is an innovative approach to address the global disparity in orthopaedic trauma care.
The SMART course provides orthopaedic surgeons in resource-limited settings with the skills and knowledge to successfully perform surgeries to reduce the incidence of amputations.
Each surgeon attending a SMART Course trains 3-5 surgeons creating a ripple effect of education within low-income countries.
Surgeons completing the SMART Course have a 93% success rate in treating patients with post-traumatic limb-threatening conditions.
Our in-country SMART courses have trained thousands of surgeons. This initiative has been amplified through our digital learning platform, including bi-monthly webinars and our groundbreaking IGOT Portal.