Parnassus Heights - Spine

The UCSF Spine Service is comprised of a team of physicians, nurses and physical therapists working collaboratively to develop treatment plans tailored to each individual patient’s needs. Our goal is to improve the patient’s quality of life, decrease pain, enhance function and return to work where appropriate. We are actively involved in educating physicians and nurses from around the world. An ongoing research program endeavors to improve patient outcomes by increasing the understanding of the basic causes of spinal disorders and developing new treatments based on this research.

400 Parnassus Ave
Second (2nd) Floor
San Francisco, CA 94143

Tel. 415-353-2739; Fax 415-353-4047

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Public Transport


UCSF Medical Center at Parnassus is accessible via the following Muni bus routes:

  • 43-Masonic* - Stops in front of the hospital
  • 6-Parnassus* - Stops in front of the hospital
  • N-Judah Streetcar* - Stops at 2nd Ave. and Irving Street

* Wheelchair accessible bus routes

More Information
311 or (415) 701-2311 if outside San Francisco

UCSF Shuttles

Free UCSF shuttles connect our Parnassus campus with all the other campuses.

Three main shuttle stops service Parnassus with one dropping off right outside the hospital. 

More Information

Shuttle routes and timetables
Shuttle hotline: (415) 476-4646 (GOGO)

Parking Information

Parking options at the Parnassus campus include:

Millberry Union Public Garage
500 Parnassus Ave.
There are two garage entrances - one between 400 and 500 Parnassus Ave. and the another on Irving St. and 3rd Ave.
For rates visit the transportation page on the UCSF Campus Life Services website.

Valet Parking
400 Parnassus Ave.
Valet parking service is available in front of 400 Parnassus from 8am to 3pm. The valet service is free but patients must pay the regular parking fees. For more info call (415) 476-6200

Private Parking Structure
350 Parnassus Ave.
Garage with an hourly fee, open Monday to Friday from 6am to 10pm.