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The Biomechanical Testing Facility (BTF) is directed by Safa Herfat, PhD.

Dr. Herfat joined UCSF in 2012 as the Director of the Biomechanical Testing Facility (BTF) and became research faculty in 2014. His expertise is in the biomechanical testing of medical devices, surgical instruments, and cadaveric fracture fixation and spine stabilization constructs. While he continues to conduct industry-funded evaluations of orthopaedic medical devices and surgical techniques, his research focuses on integrating experimental biomechanical testing, finite element analysis and clinical outcomes to develop devices and surgical strategies that will improve patient outcomes. Dr. Herfat also collaborates with other faculty at the Orthopaedic Trauma Institute and UC Berkeley to develop implantable orthopaedic sensors.

The BTF partners with industry to conduct research in the following areas:
Musculoskeletal disease pathomechanics
Development and evaluation of promising new orthopaedic technologies
Creation of testing standards for cross-product comparisons of medical devices
Biomechanical testing
Material property characterization
Multiaxial testing
Failure analysis
Internal stress analysis
Three-dimensional motion tracking
Medical Imaging
Cadaver Labs

We offer two types of contracts in order to meet your needs:
Service Contracts
Short-term projects that consist of existing IRC experimental protocols. We will execute the experiment and post-process the data on an expedited time schedule.

Research Agreements
Research Agreements are longer term projects with custom-designed experimental protocols. In addition to planning and executing the experiment, we will collaborate with you to interpret and publish the data.

We specialize in:
Comprehensive project planning
Custom experimental and data analysis protocols
Dissemination of results in the scientific community (e.g. journal manuscripts and conference abstracts)

Internships and Volunteering
For more information about our excellent research opportunities, please contact Safa Herfat, Ph.D. at



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