Nathan Young, PhD

Nathan Young, PhD

Nathan Young, PhD

Assistant Professor
Basic Science


Postdoctoral Studies University of California, San Francisco 2007
Postdoctoral Studies Stanford University 2006
Postdoctoral Studies University of Calgary 2004
Ph.D. Harvard University 2003
B.A. New College of Florida 1995


Grants & Awards

  • 2009, A Molecular Investigation of Growth and Shape Variation in Cleft-Lip Etiology, F32DE018596

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About Nathan Young, PhD

In my research, I approach basic biomedical questions both through an evolutionary approach to variation (i.e., population-thinking) and utilizing functional compromise and historical constraint as fundamental explanatory principles. When combined with mechanistic insights from experimental systems, this approach yields significant insights into the generation of individual phenotypes, both normal and abnormal. To accomplish this goal I have developed a research program that combines classical embryology, modern experimental and genetic tools, and advanced methods for quantifying and comparing phenotypes at a range of scales. This approach has significance for understanding not only the processes that contribute to and constrain evolutionary diversity, but also the individual phenotypic differences found within species and among individuals, including dysmorphologies associated with human disease states. My research therefore includes the study of normal mechanisms of development as well as the etiology of congenital developmental defects, and is strongly relevant to longstanding goals of providing personalized and predictive medicine.

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