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Anthony Luke, MD, MPH

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I have focused expertise in non-operative treatment of sports injuries, running medicine, and pediatric sports medicine. As Director of Primary Care Sports Medicine, the service aims to manage any sports-related problem both orthopedic and medical. Over my career having worked at various levels from NCAA Division 1 to high schools to the Vancouver Winter Olympics 2010, I have developed a broad level of experience that enables me to provide a comprehensive clinical assessment expected of top clinics in primary care sports medicine. The goal for the service is to provide the best sports medicine care in the Bay Area. This includes quick clinic access and appropriate referral for interventional or rehabilitation care.

My clinic is busy and allows access to patients of any age, different activity levels, and various orthopedic and medical conditions. My experience enables me to manage patient issues conservatively while directing operative cases to our surgeons, improving the efficiency of the sports medicine service and surgical yield for surgeons. I often get referrals for second opinion for non-operative treatment options and. During clinical sessions, I am very active in teaching and supervising primary care residents (Family practice, internal medicine, pediatrics) and medical students. I have performed exertional compartment testing for the last 12 years and get regional referrals for the service, since most sports physicians do not have training or resources for this procedure.

Since 2008, I have specialized in musculoskeletal ultrasound and I hold regular procedure clinics twice a month. I was one of the first to perform the clinical service, after gaining support from the UCSF Medical Center and credentialing through the Department of Radiology. The musculoskeletal ultrasound service has been a valuable service for patients. Acute cases are referred to me by the surgeons to have urgent scans at the point of care, for example in cases of tendon rupture. I have a bi-monthly ultrasound procedure clinic where referred patients from the sports medicine clinic or other Orthopedic services have ultrasound-guided injections, including needle tenotomy and platelet rich plasma procedures.

Since June 2014, I have been charged by my Department Chair in Orthopedics, to work with the Department of Pediatrics to align and develop our pediatric sports medicine programs. This service line would be an extension of the UCSF primary care sports medicine program based in the Department of Orthopedics. There are several pediatric sports medicine services including physical therapy and orthopedic clinics in the East Bay at UCSF Benioff Children's Hospital Oakland. There are two high school programs, including PlaySafe program, which I direct, and six high schools in the East Bay directed by the UCSF Benioff Children's Hospital Oakland. With development of the program, new hires for pediatric primary care sports medicine are needed. This will enable better access for patients to get consultation and sports medicine services. Branding and marketing will be an important aspect of developing the program. Consistent, high-quality services for young athletes will be branded across all the clinics and programs. We will develop a large network by linking sites at Mission Bay, Children's Hospital Oakland and Children's Hospital Oakland Walnut Creek. Two human performance centers are also part of the service line: the Human Performance Center at the Orthopedic Institute and the motion laboratory in Walnut Creek will run similar consistent high-quality programs. This program will also increase educational experiences for medical students, and residents and primary care fellows.

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