COVID-19: Orthotics and Prosthetics

Aug. 3, 2020: To better support front-line workers and families, we are offering evening weekday telehealth appointments for adult orthopaedics (Monday to Friday) and pediatric orthopaedics (Monday and Friday only) from 5:30 p.m. to 7:30 p.m. 

Under San Francisco's current health order, all medical services, including routine and preventive care, are considered essential. Please contact us to make a telehealth visit  or an in-person visit. For in-person appointments, all clinical staff – doctors, physician assistants, clinical personnel -- will be wearing both face masks as well as eye shields or face shields for our patients' safety.



UCSF Orthotic and Prosthetic Centers are open for all O&P care during normal business hours, Monday – Friday, 8 AM to 5 PM.


Telehealth appointments are available for select treatment types.


Please request an appointment online, or by calling us directly at (415) 476-1788.


For the latest updates, please visit pre-operative testing for COVID-19 for surgical patientsvisitor restrictions and UCSF COVID-19 Town Hall Meetings.


Under the San Francisco health order, all medical services, including routine and preventive care, are considered essential. 


To ensure your safety, the safety of other patients, and the safety of our staff, we have implemented the following protocols:


-          All UCSF personnel and volunteers must complete a daily pre-shift health screen prior to the start of work.


-          Upon arriving for your appointment, you will undergo a respiratory screening that involves a series of questions and confirmation of your appointment. The staff will then provide you with a mask, ask you to sanitize your hands, and direct you the clinic. You will be required to wear the mask for the entirety of your time at UCSF.


-          Our waiting rooms have been reconfigured to allow for social distancing.

-          Prior to and following each patient visit, our waiting rooms and exam rooms are cleaned with UCSF approved disinfectant.


-          Our receptionists will assist you from behind a plexiglass shield.


-          All patients, while in UCSF clinics, must wear facemasks.

Exceptions are as follows:

·         UCSF now require all patients over 2 years old (if they can tolerate it), and their caretaker(s), to wear surgical masks when health care workers or others are in their clinical exam room.

·         If you have a physical, intellectual, or developmental disability that prevents you from wearing a face covering, with documentation from a medical professional.

·         Anyone who has trouble breathing, or is not able to take off a face covering without help, with documentation from a medical professional,

·         If you are Deaf and use facial and mouth movements as part of communication, you can remove your mask while communicating.


-          Our clinicians will wear masks and face shields while working with all patients.


-          Family members and other visitors are not invited into the clinic at this time, except when a family member or caregiver is essential to the service provided. We ask that your family and friends remain outside the clinic while waiting.



The Orthotic & Prosthetic Centers at UCSF remains committed to providing the appropriate care to those dealing with functional limitations caused by previous and new injuries during this pandemic.  We recognize how difficult it is for you to not get the usual care you expect and deserve, and we will do our utmost to work within our constraints to help you through this process.

Acute Injuries: In some situations, patients may have a new injury or exacerbation of a previous injury that needs attention. We have clinicians on-site for urgent bracing referrals. We are available through MyChart as well, to answer questions via email and through the electronic medical record.


Prosthetics: We remain committed to providing the highest level of care for patients who use prostheses.  We recognize that use of a prosthesis has a significant and measurable impact on health status, including pain and disability.  Our clinicians empathize with the difficulty caused by delays in care during the COVID-19 pandemic, and we are working actively to help each patient access appropriate care efficiently and effectively.  Restoration of outpatient services will be guided by resource availability and the priority of patient safety.




Inpatient referrals at Parnassus and Benioff Children’s Hospital and surgery referrals at the Orthopaedic Institute are to be submitted in the usual manner. 


Outpatient referrals can be placed through the Apex, our electronic health record, by fax to  (415) 476-7003, or by phone at (415) 476-1788.


For urgent questions, please contact the O&P Practice Manager (Skye Ramos) at 415-476-1788, or