Sports Medicine Ongoing Events: UCSF Race Medical Team

The UCSF Race Medical Team is an organized group of volunteers from UCSF and outside that provide the highest quality race medical care to large mass participation events. UCSF is the official provider of health care for the largest races in the Bay Area.

If you'd like to volunteer for one of the races, please click on the Volunteer registration link which will bring you to the sign up process for each race.


We want to be part of and give back to the community. The Bay Area is one of the best places in the world and a great place to race! We want everyone to be safe and have a great race experience.

UCSF wants to support race organizers and charities who are raising money for great causes.

We want to provide the top level care at race events. We have so many skilled experts at UCSF and the community that can be brought together to form a great, organized medical team.


To become a part (it’s easy as 1-2-3):

1. Learn about the program at a volunteer meeting (see schedule below)

2. Email us your interest in helping at so we can put you on an email list for upcoming volunteer opportunities.

3. If you’d like to help at a race, register to volunteer (Note:  Volunteers will be taken to a third-party Web site to create login to register (; select the “medical” button on the far right top of the page.  If a race is not posted, please check any emails for specific race links or contact us at the email below.) 

Questions?  Send an email to




UCSF Sports Medicine has been organizing event coverage of large races in the Bay Area for 13 years. In 2016, UCSF Sports Medicine has served as official medical care provider for several of the Bay Area's big races, including premiere events in the Bay Area: the SF marathon, Escape from Alcatraz, the Rock N Roll races (San Francisco and San Jose), JP Morgan Chase 5K Corporate Challenge, the US half marathon and the Berkeley half marathon. At each race, a multidisciplinary medical teams between 30 to 120 medical volunteers from UCSF and community participate including Orthopedics, Family Medicine, Pediatrics, Internal medicine, Emergency Medicine, Physical therapy, and Anesthesia. 


How do I get involved?

Once you join the team, you will receive an email about this year’s coming events and how to sign up.

You can sign up just to volunteer at one of this year’s events.

You can volunteer to get more involved in the team’s planning activities for each race.

For each race we will need a specific number of volunteers. The sign up will be on a first come first serve basis for each race. Details will be on the email.


What does the Race Medical Team do?

With each race, our team recruits volunteers, trains them, organizes the team, and provides the care on race day. There are different stations like the finish lines, med tents, aid stations along the course and sweep teams. We need volunteers to take on different roles, from skilled critical care in the medical tents to active non-medical volunteers helping take care of runners. As part of the Race Medical Team you will learn a lot of skills for race medicine. Try out all the different roles on the medical team. We need both medical trained and non-medical volunteers. All volunteers and skill levels are welcome.


Volunteer Benefits

1. BE PART OF THE TEAM. The biggest reason for helping is the feeling that you are part of the team helping participants and families achieve their goals, and helping make community events safe and fun.

 2. LEARN ABOUT RACE MEDICINE. You can learn hands on about all the various parts of Race Medicine. Whether you want to learn how to be a race director yourself, or just help out the team, you’ll learn new skills and knowledge. The club will organize 3 team meetings where we’ll have an exciting speaker to highlight one area of Race Medicine.

3.  GET INVOLVED IN PLANNING THE CLUB.  We need people to share their skills.  We can use people to join small working groups including: recruiting volunteers, planning rewards/thank you clothing design, business planning, orientation meeting planning, medical team operations, website updates.

4.  REWARDS. To thank volunteers, we will have a special UCSF Race Medicine Team apparel.

If you help, to thank you will receive:  various UCSF Race Medicine Team, clothing for examples long sleeve, t-shirt or hat.  We regularly create new items, so that over time volunteers build up a great collection for UCSF Race Medical Team swag. 

5.   BID LOTTERY. For those of you are runners, for some of our races listed we will get a chance to run at specific events as a running volunteer including hard to get in races. For each race you enter you will receive an entry chance to win a bid for upcoming races for those who are interested. You need to run for yourself though ☺, you can’t give it to someone else.

6.  CERTIFICATE. We will also give you a certificate and letter of recognition to your department chair or supervisor noting your volunteerism.




These are group meetings for the anyone helping with the UCSF Race Medical Team.  The meetings are geared for educational, social and skill-building purposes.  Dinner and drinks are provided.  It’s a great way to meet your teammates, learn new tricks in medicine and be prepared for upcoming events.  We’ll also have educational speakers to stimulate discussion and new ideas to improve our care. 

Mid June date TBA 

Mid October date TBA


Thank you for your time and dedication to volunteer talent to care for runners in our community. Your role in helping at these big community events make a HUGE difference to helping keep people safe in such happy events.


2018 Michelob Ultra Rock 'n' Roll San Jose Half Marathon, 10K & 5K

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