Hip and Knee Arthroplasty Fellowship

Duration: 1 year
Positions: 2
The interview date for the 2025-2026 fellowship program is Wednesday, February 7, 2024 (to be held online).
Dates: August 1, 2025 to July 31, 2026
Combined AY24-25 Salary & Housing Allowance: $107,701.00 plus benefits

Currently accepting applications for the 2025/2026 academic year. Deadline for applications: November 2, 2023.

UCSF Arthroplasty Faculty
Jeff Barry, MD (Fellowship Director)
Thomas Barber, MD

Stefano Bini, MD
Erik Hansen, MD
Alfred Kuo, MD

Derek Ward, MD

UCSF Department of Orthopaedic Surgery
University of California, San Francisco
500 Parnassus Ave- MU320W
San Francisco, Ca-94143-0728
(415) 502-5183; Fax: (415)476-1304
Location: UCSF Medical Center (Parnassus)


Fellowship Goals

The UCSF Hip and Knee Arthroplasty Fellowship is designed to provide fellows with a comprehensive and rigorous training in the evaluation and operative management of lower extremity arthroplasty problems. Our mission is to train surgeons to be compassionate and capable care providers, with the knowledge and skills to care for patients presenting along a broad spectrum of pathology. Unique aspects of this fellowship include significant exposure to complex primary and revision arthroplasty cases, a strong educational program with teaching and research conferences 3 days per week, and exposure to new technologies including minimally invasive approaches, surgical navigation, alternative bearing surfaces, and investigational studies involving new devices and clinical trials. The UCSF Arthroplasty Service at Parnassus performs over 1250 operative procedures per year, encompassing a balance of simple and complex primary and revision cases.


Research components

Extensive research opportunities exist in the fellowship, and all fellows are required to prepare one manuscript based upon original research for publication. Opportunities exist for clinical research through the UCSF Arthroplasty Database and the UCSF Orthopaedic Surgery Health Outcomes Center, a multi-disciplinary research center that includes orthopaedic surgeons, epidemiologists, and other health services researchers. Basic science facilities are also available, including bioengineering, biomechanics, and molecular biology laboratories.


Didactic components

UCSF Grand Rounds
Grand rounds are held weekly September through June and cover a variety of orthopaedic topics. Grand Rounds are organized by the UCSF Dept of Orthopaedic Surgery

Arthroplasty Weekly Education Conference
Case-based didactic conference covering rotating schedule of arthroplasty topics run by attendings

Arthroplasty Service Preop/Postop Conference
Weekly multidisciplinary conference reviewing upcoming surgical cases. Additional time spent reviewing interesting postoperative cases and teaching of reconstruction principles

Monthly Journal Club / Complex Case Series
Monthly meeting with faculty, fellows and arthroplasty bound chief residents to discuss the latest practice-changing literature or to review and examine theme-based complex reconstruction cases

National Arthroplasty Meeting
Fellowship sponsored travel to one national orthopaedic meeting of the fellow's choice

Industry Sponsored Courses
Available throughout the year - fellows are encouraged and supported in attending


Current Fellows

Carey Politzer, MD
Residency: University of California, San Diego

Majd Tarabichi, MD
Residency: University of Illinois, Chicago


Past Fellows


Preetinder "Perry" Bhullar, MD
Residency: San Antonio Military Med Center
Practice: Private - Mendelson Kornblum Orthopedics & Spine, Detroit, MI

Brandon Kelly, MD
Residency: University of Minnesota
Practice: Private - Summit Orthopedics, MN

My fellowship yea The UCSF Arthroplasty Fellowship provided me with an immersive and hands-on arthroplasty education. Complex pathology was abundant and there was a high volume of revision/complex primary cases. The primary arthroplasty experience included 3 major hip approaches, on and off table DA, mechanical and kinematic aligned knees, and a mix of technology/robotics. The education is truly complete for an aspiring arthroplasty surgeon. The faculty are supportive, passionate, and dedicated to teaching. I am grateful to have had an awesome co-fellow to work with throughout the year. Working up and doing cases together on call was a highlight. My family and I had a wonderful time living in and exploring the Bay Area. I am thankful for my year at UCSF and feel prepared to take on any arthroplasty challenge I may encounter in practice."


Erdan Kayupov, MD, MSE
Residency: University of Illinois at Chicago
Practice: Kaiser - San Francisco, CA

"My fellowship year at UCSF has been incredibly rewarding, with excellent exposure to complex primary and revision artrhoplasty cases. There is an abundance of didactics and teaching opportunities throughout the week, and it's wonderful to learn directly from some of the leaders in the field of arthroplasty. I also felt that the Arthroplasty Call and fellow's clinic experiences were incredibly valuable in preparing me for my future career by giving me the opportunity to practice independently in a controlled fashion. The attendings, residents, hospital and clinic staff are all wonderful to work with and help to make the experience a fun one. I am proud to have completed my training here, and feel ready to enter the "real world" and to provide the best care possible to my patients." 

Patrick Maher, MD
Residency: University of Pittsburgh
Practice: EvergreenHealth Orthopedic & Sports Care, Kirkland, WA

“The Chase-Bozic Hip and Knee Arthroplasty Fellowship was excellent preparation for clinical practice. The case complexity and revision volume is outstanding. I was trained in the three major hip approaches, as well as different philosophies of knee replacement and alignment, manual and robotic instrumentation. I had a terrific co-fellow which made the year fun and added to both of our educations. Leaving UCSF, I feel well prepared to handle routine and very complex cases. In addition, the attendings, hospital and office staff, and administration are a fantastic group. I made lifelong friends and mentors. Finally, my wife and I had a really fun year in San Francisco. I'm grateful for the year-- the training will serve me and my patients well for many years.”


David Shau, MD
Residency: Emory
Practice: Private - Texas Hip and Knee Center in Fort Worth, TX

UCSF provides a fantastic complex primary and revision arthroplasty experience along with exposure to a multitude of approaches, techniques, and philosophies. The year has augmented my residency training and helped prepare me for a career in hip and knee arthroplasty. Experiencing San Francisco/Bay Area for a year was also a bonus for my wife and me.”

Tim Tan, MD
Residency: Thomas Jefferson University
Practice: Private - Visalia, CA

My fellowship year has improved my surgical skills and has prepared me for clinical practice. The complexity of cases and revision volume at UCSF is very hard to match with approximately half our cases being revisions. There was certainly no shortage of complex cases during my year. Furthermore, there is a good variety of approaches and techniques that allowed me to see and choose which I wanted to incorporate into my practice. There were also plenty of arthroplasty call cases to help build your confidence as a young surgeon. I am leaving UCSF feeling more than adequately prepared to be an arthroplasty surgeon.


Peter Schilling, MD
Residency: University of Michigan
Practice: Assistant Professor, Dartmouth-Hitchcock Medical Center

“I’ll keep this very simple:  UCSF was the ideal arthroplasty fellowship for me, and I suspect it will be for you as well.  All of the critical boxes are easily checked:  high volume, diversity of approaches / techniques / view points, and plenty of complexity.  Once these critical boxes are checked, you need to look at what a fellowship provides in the bigger picture of your development and career, and in that respect, UCSF is truly special. The Division of Arthroplasty at UCSF was instrumental in helping me to make my next career step. I’ve made friends and mentors for life from my time at UCSF, and I wouldn’t have gotten where I wanted to be without UCSF’s commitment to my education and training.”

Kwesi St. Louis,  MD
Residency: University of Pittsburgh Medical Center
Practice: Private - Torrance, CA

“My fellowship experience was one that I found very rewarding and instructive. I was exposed to multiple philosophies on primary and revision techniques, implant chooses and clinical decision-making strategies. Under Dr. Vails’ leadership, the culture is one of great collegiality and collaboration. I felt prepared to take on all of the things a total joint surgeon would face when starting out in practice. Most of all, I made friends there that I will have forever.” 


Joseph Schirmers, MD
Residency: University of Minnesota
Practice: Private Practice Minneapolis, MN

“The UCSF adult reconstruction fellowship provides exposure to the full depth and breadth of adult reconstruction.  The surgical volume is vast and provides an excellent mixture of primary and revision surgeries.  Your mentors are thought leaders in the field who will prepare you to enter into any orthopedic practice: academic, private or a health system. I am grateful to have shared in the wisdom and expertise of each. Specifically, I found the opportunity to manage my own clinic and OR has prepared me to enter practice. The UCSF adult reconstruction fellowship experience provides an exceptional balance between gaining technical skill and the assimilation of the thoughtful nuance requisite in the in pre, post and intraoperative care of our patients. The training I received has been invaluable to me as I serve my own patients.”


Eli Kamara, MD
Residency: Lenox Hill Hospital
Practice: Assistant Professor, Albert Einstein College of Medicine

“The Adult Reconstruction Fellowship at UCSF is a unique training opportunity for future arthroplasty Surgeons. The faculty's combined academic interests represent all major techniques in arthroplasty, guaranteeing a robust exposure to all anatomic approaches and operative techniques. The diversity of the patient population as a tertiary referral center provides unmatched practical on-the-job experience, ensuring that trainees will graduate with the skills and education necessary to succeed as a specialist in hip and knee replacement.”


Richard Southgate, MD
Residency: University of Rochester
Practice: Private - Portland, OR

“In searching for a fellowship, UCSF had everything I was looking for: extensive revision experience; exposure to both anterior and posterior approaches to the hip; PS and CR total knees; measured resection, gap balanced, and kinematic alignment principles; and experience with partial knee replacements. There were just enough faculty for me to gain exposure to a variety of different principles and not be too dogmatic about my approach to adult reconstruction. At the same time, there were few enough faculty that I became very familiar with their surgical techniques and easily replicated them when I started practice. Being at a fellowship with more than a dozen faculty would have made that difficult. Staying in touch with the faculty has been quite easy and we meet up regularly at the annual AAHKS meeting.

At UCSF there was a lot of autonomy in both the clinic and the operating room as well as a terrific group of talented residents to support, teach, and mentor. All of this was set in one of the most vibrant cities in the world. By the time that I graduated, I felt very well-prepared to go into any type of arthroplasty practice. I was comfortable with all approaches to the hip, unicompartmental knees, complex primaries, infections, revisions, and periprosthetic fractures.

Having access to the UCSF orthopaedic alumni network was indispensable when looking for private practice jobs on the West Coast. Similarly, the faculty are well-connected nationally so searching for an academic job would be easy coming from the premier West Coast orthopaedic department.”


Min Lu, MD
Residency: University of Chicago
Practice: Assistant Professor, Temple University now Kaiser Permanente Largo, MD


Chancellor Gray, MD
Residency: University of Pennsylvania
Practice: Associate Professor, University of Florida


Pinak Shukla, MD
Residency: Tufts New England Medical Center
Practice: Private - Larkspur, CA


Darren Herzog, MD
Residency: Detroit Medical Center
Practice: Private - Wheatland, WY


Craig Hogan, MD
Residency: University of Colorado
Practice: Associate Professor, University of Colorado


To Apply

Currently accepting applications for the 2024/2025 academic year. Deadline for applications: November 2, 2022

The interview date for the 2024-2025 fellowship program is Wednesday, February 8, 2023.

** Note that interviews for the 2024-2025 academic year are currently planned to be conducted online via Zoom, per UCSF guidance. We will provide update should these plans change **

Please submit your application materials through SFMatch (https://www.sfmatch.org/)

If you have any questions, please contact Brad Stark via Brad.Stark@ucsf.edu


UCSF Department of Orthopaedic Surgery
University of California, San Francisco
500 Parnassus Ave- MU320W
San Francisco, Ca 94143-0728
(415) 502-5183; Fax: (415) 476-1304