UCSF Dept. of Orthopaedic Surgery Grand Rounds

Genentech Hall - Byers Auditorium, 1st Floor, 600 - 16th Street , UCSF Mission Bay campus,  San Francisco, CA 94158 (Map)

Please note:  Grand Rounds Speaker Bio information and Event Guidance information is listed below schedule.


Date Speaker Type of Speaker 6:30 Conference
September 2022 7 Faculty Meeting
14 William McDade, MD, PhD Visiting Professor * Journal Club
21 OREF Resident Symposium    
28 Edward Harvey, MD Grand Rounds Speaker Trauma Case Conference
October 2022 5 Faculty Meeting
12 Michelle Ghert, MD Grand Rounds Speaker Oncology Case Conference
19 Avionna Baldwin, MD UCSF Resident Department M&M
26 Alan Getgood, MD Grand Rounds Speaker Sports Case Conference
November 2022 2 Faculty Meeting
9 Anthony Wiggins, MD UCSF Resident  
16 Adam Ferguson, PhD Grand Rounds Speaker Journal Club
23 No Grand Rounds – Thanksgiving Week
30 SOS Society: Discussion with
Michele Gelfand
SOS Society  
December 2022 7 Faculty Meeting    
14 Jeff Katz, MD Grand Rounds Speaker Journal Club
21 No Grand Rounds – Winter Holiday
28 No Grand Rounds – Winter Holiday
January 2023 4 Faculty Meeting    
11 Sarah Stroud, MD UCSF Resident Department M&M
18 Stefano Bini, MD UCSF Faculty  
25 Charles Fisher, MD Grand Rounds Speaker Spine Case Conference
February 2023 1 Faculty Meeting
8 Isador Lieberman, MD Visiting Professor * Spine Case Conference
15 Bill Berrigan, MD UCSF Faculty No 6:30 am conference
22 Hunter Warwick, MD UCSF Resident AAOS presentation review at 6:30
March 2023 1 Faculty Meeting
8 No Grand Rounds – AAOS Week    
15 David Gendelberg, MD UCSF Faculty  
22 Matthew Cherches, MD UCSF Resident  
29 Lyndly Tamura, MD UCSF Faculty  
April 2023 5 Faculty Meeting
12 Mininder Kocher Visiting Professor * Pediatrics Case Conference
19 Dawn Laporte, MD  Visiting Professor *  6:30 am Hand case conference
26 Kelsey Collins, PhD UCSF Faculty  
May 2023 3 Faculty Meeting
10 Jennifer Laine, MD Inman-Abbott Alumni
Pediatrics Case Conference
17 Gopal Lalchandani, MD UCSF Faculty  
24 William Obremskey, MD Visiting Professor * Trauma Case Conference
31 Jennifer O’Donnell, MD UCSF Resident  
June 2023 7 Faculty Meeting
14 Michael Dunbar, MD Grand Rounds Speaker Arthroplasty Case Conference
21 Thomas Vail, MD UCSF Faculty  
28 Annual Education Review

* Visiting Professors

William McDade, MD, PhD – Chief Diversity and Inclusion Officer at ACGME – September 14, 2022 Isador Lieberman, MD – Spine Surgery – Texas Back Institute - February 8, 2023

Brian Cole, MD MBA – Sports Medicine – Rush University/Midwest Orthopedics – February 15, 2023 Dawn Laporte, MD – Hand Surgery – Johns Hopkins University - February 22, 2023

Mininder Kocher, MD MPH – Pediatric Orthopedic Surgery – Boston Children’s Hospital - April 12, 2023 William Obremskey, MD – Trauma – Vanderbilt University – May 24, 2023

Grand Rounds Speakers

Edward Harvey, MD – Trauma – Montreal General Hospital/McGill University - September 28, 2022 Michelle Ghert, MD – Orthopedic Oncology – McMaster University - October 12, 2022

Alan Getgood, MD – Sports Medicine – Western University - October 26, 2022 Adam Ferguson, PhD – UCSF Brain and Spinal Injury Center - November 16, 2022

Charles Fisher, MD - Spine Surgery – Vancouver Spine Surgery Institute - January 25, 2023 Michael Dunbar, MD – Arthroplasty – Dalhousie University - June 14, 2023

CCMBM Joint Event

Jeffrey Katz, MD – Brigham & Women’s Hospital - December 14, 2022

SOS Society Event

Michele Gelfand, PhD – Stanford Graduate School of Business, Author of “Rule Makers, Rule Breakers: How Tight and Loose Cultures Wire Our World” - November 30, 2022

Inman Abbott Alumni Speaker

Jennifer Laine, MD Pediatric Orthopedic Surgery – Gillette Children’s Hospital – May 10, 2023

UCSF Orthopedic Surgery Faculty

Stefano Bini, MD –January 18, 2023

David Gendelberg, MD –March 15, 2023

Lyndly Tamura, MD – March 29, 2023

Kelsey Collins, PhD – April 26, 2023

Gopal Lalchandani, MD – May 17, 2023

Thomas Vail, MD – June 21, 2023

UCSF Orthopedic Surgery Residents

Avionna Baldwin, MD – October 19, 2022

Anthony Wiggins, MD – November 9, 2022

Sarah Stroud, MD – January 11, 2023


Event Guidance Required by All Attendees


  • UCSF faculty, staff, learners and vendors must comply with the mandatory UC Office of the President Vaccination Policy to attend an in-person meeting or event.

  • UCSF vaccination-exempt personnel must receive a negative Color/PCR test in the previous 48 hours, or a negatie COVID-19 antigen test within 12 hours prior to the event.

  • Non-UCSF guests (individuals that are not UCSF faculty, staff and learners including vendor staff) must be up to date on vaccinations meaning fully vaccinated plus booster once eligible to attend or support an in-person meeting or event.
  • Vendors must require all their staff to be up to date on vaccination and must comply with the mandatory UCSF Vendor Policy.
  • If minors are asked to provide vaccination information in advance, parent/guardian consent is required. If the vaccination status is only checked at the event by showing a vaccination card/proof, then no parental consent is needed.

Daily Health Screener (PLEASE READ)


Guest Approval

  • Any non-UCSF guest attending an event at a UCSF facility is required to obtain guest approval before arriving on campus. Event planners should complete the Event/Meeting Guest Approval Form to receive guest approval at least one week prior to the event date.

Attendance Record

  • It is required that the event planner keep an attendance sheet with enough contact information for each attendee to facilitate contact tracing, should it become necessary after the event.



  • All individuals attending a UCSF- sponsored meeting/event, on or off campus, and who have traveled within the last 10 days must pass the Daily Health Screener (for Employees/Trainees), or the Vendor and Campus Guest Screener (for Vendors and Meeting/Event Attendees). Hosts should advise travelers of UCSF policies and criteria, that individuals can also access in advance by taking the screener.

COVID-19 Exposure

  • If an attendee at a UCSF-sponsored onsite or offsite event tests positive for COVID-19, please contact Occupational Health Services (OHS) at the OHS hotline: (415) 514-7328. All questions can be directed to this number, which is answered from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. Monday through Friday, and 8 a.m. to 2 p.m. on weekends. If you have questions outside these hours, please email them to COVIDOHSMZ@ucsf.edu