All-ages Adaptive Rock Climbing event hosted by UCSF's Orthotics and Prosthetics


UCSF's Orthotics and Prosthetics division hosted, with Movement Gym San Francisco, an all-ages Adaptive Rock Climbing event, Saturday, January 20th.

Participants came from all over the Bay Area and of all adaptive activity levels, abilities, and climbing experience enjoyed an afternoon of developing new skills and highlighted their amazing capabilities at this annual event. 

Thank you to all of our 30 volunteers and 26 community participants.

For further information or a list of current events please visit here

About our Mission and Community Outreach:
The mission of the UCSF Adaptive Community Training (ACT) Program is to assist those affected by limb loss in maximizing their physical and functional mobility. With two integral components, rehabilitation and outreach, the ACT program offers both the community and the tools to make a complete recovery following amputation.

Our community introduces people affected by limb loss to a variety of athletic and fitness activities.  By utilizing the broad range of resources available at UCSF, the Adaptive Community Training program provides a large national event as well as monthly clinics, such as adaptive yoga, amputee swimming, and rock climbing.  We support a community of individuals motivated to engage in activities they enjoyed prior to amputation and recover a healthy and active lifestyle.

Rehabilitation:  We incorporate a diverse series of training modalities, advanced gait analysis equipment, and a comprehensive team of experts within the UCSF Department of Orthopaedic Surgery. We use a team approach to provide individualized treatments and goal-oriented care. The limb loss community outreach team redefines prosthetic rehabilitation, translating care from the clinic to the community.