IGOT Annual Winter Giving Campaign


IGOT's Global Impact in 2022

In 2022, IGOT continued to demonstrate how empowering through education positively impacts patients’ lives worldwide. Our educational programs position us as a leader in global health.

  • SMART Courses Innovative surgical courses designed for local surgeons in low-income countries to learn basic principles of treating broken bones
  • Global Scholar Program One-to-one knowledge exchange to support surgeon-leaders
  • Learning Portal The global go-to learning platform for traumatic limb injuries for surgeons in under-resourced regions
  • Webinars Virtual instruction on critical limb-saving topics for surgeons across low-resource settings

Earlier this year, Inside Philanthropy published an article. This in-depth piece highlights the caliber of our team and their 15+ years of life and limb saving initiatives.


The Global Need For IGOT

The burden of trauma in low-income countries is underappreciated and underfunded. IGOT is working to change this through sustainable educational programs and partnerships.

  • Musculoskeletal conditions affect 1.7 billion people annually
  • The burden of disease is more than tuberculosis, malaria, and HIV/AIDs combined
  • 1 in 10 fractures do not heal adequately

Untreated broken bones can impact quality of life more than cancer, heart disease, and diabetes.
Unhealed fractures can result in permanent disability, limb loss, and impoverishment.

Our global impact is only possible through donations and philanthropic support. Funding for IGOT will aid local healthcare providers' sustainable growth and capacity in under-resourced countries, leading to significantly improved outcomes for these communities worldwide.

Your support is truly an excellent investment in creating a healthier world.

Where The Dollars Go

  • Educate local surgeons in low-income countries to manage complex reconstructive surgeries
  • Expand Learning Portal content
  • Create new educational programs and resources that significantly impact patient outcomes
  • Support research that solves key clinical problems in resource-limited settings
  • Invest in surgeon-leader academic exchanges

We thank you for your continued support and confidence in our global efforts.


The IGOT Team: Richard Coughlin, MD, Ted Miclau, MD, Saam Morshed, MD, PhD, MPH, Dave Shearer, MD, Coleen Sabatini, MD, MPH, Sanjeev Sabharwal, MD, Madeline MacKechnie, MA