Privacy and Legal

Overview of Privacy information

What data does the app collect?

The app will collect data that will ONLY be used for research purposes and will not affect ANY clinical decision making by their clinical practitioner.

Health-related quality-of-life questionnaires regarding patients' pain and psychosocial data regarding their condition will be collected at regular intervals. Additionally motion data of the patients' joint positions will be collected during routine exercises.

How will the collected health-related and biomechanical data be used?

The data will be combined to generate comprehensive metrics to quantify the patients' rehabilitation progress across time.

How will the data be stored?

All collected data will be stored on secure UCSF servers.

Will it be shared?

No. The data will be anonymised only be used for research purposes within the project team. 

Can I withdraw my participation?

Yes. You may withdraw your participation in the OrthoCap research project at anytime with no impact to the clinical care provided to you.

Has this study been approved by UCSF?

Yes. This study has been approved by the UCSF Institutional Review Board (IRB) for ethical concerns with approval number xxxxxx.